About Us

Fawzi Hawasli and Partners (FHP) has long been a very well-known and established foodstuffs import & export company with businesses covering the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.

Our company has been in the market of nuts since 1885, when Fawzi Hawasli the founding father opened his first branch in Aley and for years to follow was the sole seller of nuts in the Lebanese mountain area.

At that time roasting was done by saj, a rounded heated iron plate.

Dedication and high-standardized quality helped the business grow to 12 retail shops in different areas of Lebanon by 1970.

Throughout the years, Hawasli Roasteries produced nuts as well as high quality chocolates out of our sister chocolate factory. 

By 1965, the company expanded from simple retailing to include importing and wholesaling of the best qualities of raw nuts to the largest nuts roasteries in Lebanon. 

The company’s ever-growing experience in the world of nuts positioned it as the leader in imports and exports of raw nuts and kernels in Lebanon, and soon enough started exporting to the surrounding Middle Eastern, Gulf, North African, and European countries. 

Fawzi Hawasli and Partners is still expanding covering markets and catering to the needs of quality connoisseurs who appreciate every crunch, sense and taste, and today we proudly say we are the region’s leading import and export company of raw nuts and kernels.

To supply the best qualities of nuts, kernels, and nuts spices linking FHP to high quality, best service, and the highest quality/price ratio in the market.
To become the top international supplier of nuts covering the entire world and providing premium quality nuts to the best roasters globally.