We are located in Lebanon and trade in premium quality nuts and kernels ranging from almonds, to cashew nuts, pistachio kernels and in shells, macadamia nuts, corn, Japanese and rice crackers, peanut kernels and in-shells, pumpkin seeds, savory and spicy flavorings, walnut kernels and in shells just to name a few.  Browse the site to learn about our mouthwatering nuts and kernels whether you’re in retail or wholesale in addition to our exquisite in-house production of Swiss and Belgian chocolate, Lebanese sweets, and Brazilian coffee.

A wide selection of raw nuts and kernels carefully chosen from our top sourced producers

A rich variety of top quality roasted nuts and kernels

Mouthwatering Lebanese and Arabic sweets

Sweet or bitter our variety and creative blend of ingredients will satisfy all tastes

Fine Brazilian coffee to sooth your craving for caffeine

Why Choose Us

With over 134 years of family history in the business, one could learn a thing or two about an industry, learn it well enough to turn it into an art, the art of making your eyes crave and your heart desire. We guarantee the taste, quality, and price ratio to keep each and every one of our customers happy.

Connect With Us

You may reach us in different ways and we will do our best to get back to you with all of your inquiries as soon as possible, whether by phone, email, or in person!

Wholesale Branches
Broumana Retail Branch
Aley Retail Branch